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Responsible business conduct in G7 countries

UN Women

The European Union has launched its WE EMPOWER program in G7 countries. Developed in conjunction with UN Women and the International Labor Organization (ILO) it aims at empowerment through responsible business conduct. The EU is also financing a sister program in 6 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Win-Win program, and is considering replicating it in Asia.

As Federica Mogherini points out, "gender equality is not just about women. When half the world's population does not have the same opportunities as the other half, we are limiting our collective potential. We all come out worse, not just women."

Gender equality has become one of the key priorities for the United Nations and the G7 to achieve sustainable development, whether through access to a decent job or to entrepreneurial opportunities. However, the process is still going too slowly. Governments have the responsibility to break down the barriers preventing women's empowerment, but they need support from the private sector, civil society and communities.

The private sector are also invited to take up UN Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs). A free, confidential online self-assessment provides an introduction to the principles, enabling people to signal their commitment, offering them a route map to follow.

The European Union's WE EMPOWER program will promote the adoption and roll-out by the private sector of WEPs over the next 3 years, encouraging a two-way flow of experience and best practices in the working environment (equal wage for equal work, work/life balance, care of children and dependents, etc) and stronger European associations of female entrepreneurs.

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