2017 Annual Corporate Directors Survey



For more than 10 years, PwC has been carrying out surveys analyzing the perspectives of company board directors in the United States. On this occasion, 886 directors in over a dozen industries have been interviewed, 75% of whom represent businesses with annual revenues of over US1 billion.

The purpose of the research is to examine those areas in which both company directors and investors are aligned and work together, as well as those others in which these parties’ key objectives are not aligned.

The document highlights in its results that 55% of the company directors interviewed recognized that their boards lacked gender diversity.

It also flags up the difference of opinion between those board directors who have served for less than five years, who acknowledge that gender diversity is an issue that takes hold slowly, and those who have served for over ten years, who believe that the change is happening swiftly.

Along these lines, the research reveals some insights into fields in which Boards should be working harder to achieve consensus among their members, principally regarding decision taking and gender diversity.