Published by FMBBVA in June 2015

Imagen1For the third year running, the BBVA Microfinance Foundation (FMBBVA) has published its annual report on its social performance, this year entitled “Measuring what really matters”. Its core aim is to evaluate our delivery against our mission; to encourage inclusive sustainable economic and social development for the most underprivileged through Responsible Productive Finance.

01The report contains a set of indicators and metrics that give an objective picture of our customers, their businesses, and their economic and social development during the year in their relationship with the entities comprising the FMBBVA Group. Readers will see, for example, just how vulnerable some of our customers’ economic set-ups are, how near or far they are from the poverty line, their main socio-demographic features, the business activities they engage in, how their financial attributes change over time (sales, surplus cash flow, assets, etc) alongside their non-financial attributes (mainly health, housing and education). The 2014 report places special emphasis on drilling down deeper into more indicators reflecting our customers’ progress. After all, this is what we are all about.

It also presents a set of initiatives and programmes being carried out by Group entities that have a big social impact, and a macroeconomic analysis of each of the countries where we operate. Readers can also use the links provided to access videos on their mobile devices to illustrate and expand upon the content in the report itself.

In the Foundations department of Strategic Development and Impact Measurement, we are committed to an ongoing evaluation of our activity’s alignment with our mission. This report is a vital tool to ensure that we are on track.

Rodrigo Peláez Head of Strategic Development and Impact Measurement