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Bill for the regulation of mass data processing

Bill 134-2015c

Bill 134/2015 studies the implementation of a set of rules applicable to mass data processing. These have a tangential bearing on the habeas data regulations included in Laws 1266/2008 and 1581/2012. It includes the following points: • It provides a glossary of items related to the regulations, such as Information Operator, Information Beneficiary, etc. • It defines mass data transactions as an activity of general interest. • It sets up a registry for companies whose business is mass data processing, explaining the requirements for engaging in such business. • The duties and responsibilities of information operators, mainly with respect to reporting and safe-keeping of the data processed. • How the information processed should be identified. • The Industry & Commerce Supervisor has powers of oversight for these companies.

Mass data processing as part of globalisation

This bill aims to bring legal order to the processing of massive volumes of online data that have proliferated so rapidly in recent years and are used for all sorts of different studies, especially market research. It also places further responsibilities on those processing and using financial information, above all on financial institutions, which must now perform their business in compliance with three sets of regulations. They are subject to the Financial Habeas Data Law (Law 1266/2008), the General Habeas Data Law (Law 1581/2012) and this bill on mass data processing.