Actualidad Colombia

Personal data transfer to third-party countries

SIC regulatory Bill

In order to create specific regulations over the transfer to third countries of personal data stored by the Colombian legislation, the Industry & Trade Authority (SIC in the Spanish acronym) has published a regulatory bill seeking to regulate this issue in its Single Circular.

Suitable levels of protection

To this end, this project includes provisions on standards for a suitable level of protection for personal information in the reception country. These standards require the following to exist:  

  1.      Standards on personal data processing,
  2.      Administrative and judicial means and ways to ensure the protection of the rights of information holders, and
  3.      A public authority in charge of supervising personal data processing, among other matters.

The regulation also lists 26 countries that currently comply with these standards, in addition to those countries which in the view of the European Commission have suitable levels of protection.

Lastly, it sets out the procedure that should be put in place so that the head of data processing can apply to the SIC for a permit for the international transfer of personal data.