The Miracle of Financial Inclusion

Book by Reynaldo Marconi

Reynaldo Marconi´s book about financial inclusion in BoliviaReynaldo Marconi’s book, El milagro de inclusión financiera: La industria microfinanciera de Bolivia (1990-2013) [The Miracle of Financial Inclusion], provides a comprehensive analysis of the inclusion process, the development, promotion and consolidation of the microfinance industry in Bolivia.

It provides the reader with a detailed comparison between the 1993 Financial Institutions & Banks Act and the Financial Services Act of 2013. The author describes the transformation that has been brought about in the country, with analytical insights into the current environment in which these latest microfinance policies are being implemented.

Reynaldo Adán Marconi is an economist by profession and has worked on various technical and executive aspects of microfinance. His positions in the microfinance industry have included those of executive secretary of the Specialist Microfinance Entities’ Association in Bolivia (ASOFIN), founding member and president of the Credit Information Bureau (INFOCRED BIC S.A) and founding member and president of the Latin-American and Caribbearn Rural Finance Forum (FORO LAC FR).